“Think outside the box”

Our ITC lesson on Monday was very different to all the others. It was an extremely thought provoking lecture, taught to us by Mark about problem solving. Definitely a thinking outside the box lesson. Our task in this blog is very structured this time. To answer three questions; define your (a) personal bias, are you a detailed person or a big picture person and explain and last by not least write about (briefly) where the above has “interfered” with your problem solving/solution finding.

Define your (a) personal bias

Defining what I’m bias about is a challenge for me, as I have not thought about it much, I do, however grow concerned about the increased activity young people are displaying with online gaming. I’m not talking about people who play as a form of relaxation, but those who use it to escape their reality. Being so out of touch with the world, that it can hurt and frustrate the people around them. I believe I have this bias because I have seen it slowly start to overcome the lives of people I know, like my little brother. He spends the majority of his time playing World of Warcraft and League of Legends, he plays so much that he loses track of time and before he knows it, it is the next morning. This has made visits with him sometimes problematic because he doesn’t like to be disturbed :-). My worry for him is that it will turn into an addiction as it has with so many young people.

“Forty-one percent of people who play online video games admitted that they played computer games as an escape from the real world. The researchers classified seven percent of these gamers as “dependent”. The authors claim that the addicted gamers used video games to modify their moods, demonstrated tolerance, and showed signs of relapse.”

–          Hussain (2009) http://www.techaddiction.ca/video_game_addiction_statistics.html


Are you a detailed person or a big picture person and explain

I knew straight away that I am a detailed person, I like to know every little nook and cranny. I have noticed it a lot with doing the BIT. Especially with the assignments, I like to break down every little bit of the questions being asked and work out what they actually mean, what the tutors are actually asking me to do. That’s how I reassure myself that I fully understand what is being asked of me. In my day to day life as I think back I realise that I can be a very detailed person, I like to know for example; when exactly my bus departs and arrives, when exactly are my classes for the day. Sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle because I find I stress a lot more than I should about little things, is my alarm set right, will it go off, have I got the right bus money for tomorrow. However there are some points I found interesting, for example; my friend Ange who is also doing the BIT and who I sit next to in pretty much every class is a big picture person. A lot of the time I find myself bringing her thought pattern in from the “big picture” of assignments to look at the bones of it so she understands what we are supposed to be doing. Interesting to see the way different thinkers work together.



Write about (briefly) where the above has “interfered” with your problem solving/solution finding

Being a detailed thinker has definitely impacted my problem solving skills. It takes me longer to solve a problem because I like to wrap my head around the little details of the problem before I even think about solving it. If I have a deadline this can prove to be quite fustrating and stressful.


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